Feeling pleased

Last week was my hen do and this week was my birthday and I’ve managed to stay dry ans im do pleased and proud of myself.
Next week is my wedding but I am concerned someone will buy me one and I not realise it’s alcohol because they have just bought me what I would normally drink or put something in it. I’m hoping not. I’m trying to think of a plan to stop this??


Hi chezie, you are doing fantastic! At your wedding maybe you could try and have a glass of soft drink conviently at hand… maybe something that looks like wine…apple juice? When I have been at weddings in the past the groom/bride have said when asked ’ please get me a soft drink as alternating so can last the day and can remember it’… have lovely sober wedding :grin:

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Yeees! I was wondering how you faired with your hen do…good on YOU lady! Is there a bridesmaid that you can tell…make her run interference and be the only one who gets you drinks, tell her to keep a glass of apple juice, seltzer w cran etc at least half full in your hand at all times…if you don’t want to talk about your sobriety…you can tell her that you’ve decided not to drink for just that day and you want her help, or that you had to take a drs prescription for anxiety bc the big day was so overwhelming, or idk…I can help with other ideas if you need…

But again, bottom line…if the bride wants it, anyone worth their salt will make it happen. Recruit one person to help you and you should be fine

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That’s a good idea thanks