Feeling sad every year

The biggest drinking holiday in Sweden is Midsummer. That’s today… This holiday used to be very hard on me. I felt alone and useless for not being able to party with my friends. I stopped drinking the day after a Midsummer’s party. 7 years ago. Today I feel strong and very proud. But I also always feel a bit off on this day every year. Contemplating rather than celebrating.


An old timer told me, when I was lamenting about the past, “you know, normies get sad too…the think about the past too…they just dont get drunk over it” I think your contemplating means you are human. If we forget the past we are doomed to repeat it. Stay sober, and this will pass.


I like this, thanks for sharing it!


Just repeating the good stuff i hear


I’m proud of you and your 7 years! I’m still in my first year but hear from those with more experience that feeling weird and off and emotional around milestones is common. When I’m struggling, I write a loooooooong gratitude list. And I try to lean into the hard emotions as much as its uncomfortable. :bird:


Thank you for your kind words. I have been using this app for a while but never created an account. I’m so glad I did so that I can talk to you all and feel connected in some way. Since I have been sober for a long time my family sees this as a “fixed problem” and they don’t want me to talk about it. I get stuck in my own head. Thanks to you and to everyone else who replied. I feel much lighter today.


Welcome here Elin,
It’ s a great place to share. I’m here for the same reason. At home it’s normal that I don’t drink anymore. No celebrating milestones ore incouraging. Here people understand my daily struggle. Hope to see you around often and congratulations with your awesome amounds of sober days!! :facepunch:

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Maybe try a meeting meet new friends enjoy life sober wish you well

Hi, @Elin,
It’s not unusual for me to feel edgy or contemplative around the time of my sober anniversary. Over the years, the intensity and duration of that uneasiness has diminished. I was very glad to hear in my AA meetings that this happens for many other people.

Sometimes I just want to know if things are normal or acceptable, and I’m not so interested in why they happen.

Blessings on your house. Praise to the Divine for your 7 years gift!