Feeling uneasy and angry

I have read about PAWS and it’s probably what is going on but the last 2 days I feel extremely angry at everything and everyone! I am trying to stay positive but I am finding I am bored. I joined a gym was working out I just cant seem to stick to it because of anxiety even though I was feeling great. I am 68 days sober and I don’t want to go back after coming so far.
Then there’s the Superbowl tomorrow. I have never had a sober Superbowl. I am really scared and nervous about that as well. I am trying not to think about it but I know there will be parties all around me. Staying positive is so HARD this weekend. Thanks for letting me rant :expressionless:


I know how you feel I’m meeting friends in the pub in a bit they love to drink in worried I’m going to crack and join them

And it’s been a really really shirt day

I’m right there with you…I’ll be going to a Super Bowl party where people are drinking but plan to bring my own tasty beverages and concentrate on the great food, the great commercials and half time show, and just have a good time sober. I will also be accountable to my sober sisters @Elisabeth , @Naturehippy , and @Oliverjava. Feel free to join the sisterhood and keep in contact when you’re scared and struggling. Strength in numbers. Try to focus on the solution (having a great sober time and waking up Monday morning proud of yourself)
Have you tried meditation videos on youtube to help with your anxiety and moods? It really helps. I highly recommend The Honest Guys meditation videos.
@Sam, you are stronger than any drink. You’ve got this.


Weird, but true for me on the eating piece. I’ve always found when I was an active drinker that when I ate it just killed my buzz, so I either didn’t eat, or ate and didn’t drink.


@Sam I will be right there with you! Super bowl is usually yet another excuse to get wasted. I’ll probably be on here a lot. Stay strong! Anger is part of living sober I’ve found. Took me a while to learn how to manage this and live life on life’s terms…I think that’s the saying.

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Yay sister hood!!! I will also be thinking about this and focusing on everything about super bowl that doesn’t include drinking. We are having people over and there will be lots of boozing. I have to stay accountable!


I’m feeling ya @Sam I woke up this morning needing and wanting to drink. Going shopping with sister to pass time. Tomorrow will be tough but I think together we got this.


You can do this! One day at a time, you’re doing great. That’s more than I can say for myself unfortunately. You inspire me!

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