Feeling very anxious

Does anyone else have spells of being very anxious? Sometimes I get so anxious it starts to effect my sobriety. Also, I fear going to the doctor and have large amounts of anxiety about that; even though I know I need to get myself checked out.

Hi @movingonward
I suffer with anxiety. It presents itself in many ways - examples being: I have to have to have structure to my day & it planned out, I like routine & stability and although I’m an outgoing & bubbly person, I get anxious in new situations or meeting new people. Some days are better than others.
I totally understand your anxiety and worry about visiting the doctor - my gosh, did I work myself up something chronic before my appointments. I’d start to worry to the point of obsession the night before about it and have imaginary conversations in my head about what I would say. My heart would be racing and I’d pace round the house for the hour or so before the appointment. I’d get so uptight.
But, for me, the thought of going was far, far, worse than the actual visit itself. I was lucky enough to have a wonderful, supportive, understanding GP. She gave me lots of advice and ideas.
One thing I’ve found that has helped me enormously that I can’t recommend enough, was learning how to change my mindset and retraining my thought processes. Please, if you have the time, visit headspace.com. Via the headspace website and app, I have learnt so much and it has really, really helped me calm down. It’s such simple and small changes you can make that make a dramatic difference to how you view situations.
Good luck & all the very best xx

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Thank you so much for the advice. I will do that for certain.

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You’re very welcome xx