Feminine Fellowship

I need some health females in my life. By that meaning us. We who are growing, challenging, maturing, recovering and connecting.

I need connection, someone who emails and enjoys chatting/messaging.

I am ready to heal interpersonally. :slight_smile:

Message me if you are up for a friendship :slight_smile:


Sure I hear you - it’s awkward when doing discussions I feel panicky or leftout (triggers) I am working on it. Because I am Deaf - my comfort is one on one. Many people stimulates having to read everyone’s lips. It gets exhausting and scary. It similar with reading - too much words too fast with too many people.

Can you see the picture I am showing you?

I need to title my threads like that :joy: :joy:


Hahahaha!!! OMG I am rolling and laughing!

Probably thought it was a want add? Lol

Put your brakes on… quickly. It tell ya once I’m on a roll… :joy: :joy:

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Bring it on!

Well put it this way, I felt an instant connection.

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Explain? Further? Lol

I to am wanting healthy females, when I say healthy I mean with a strong pulse.


Okay! Thankyou for the insightful observation @anon30771928 :slight_smile:

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LOL! I think my pulse is strong?

OMG that’s what you meant by pulse - I am a tart
So sheltered - English isn’t my forte

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I am Deaf so - some things just don’t make sense. Even if it’s a slang or innuendo

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If you are not afraid to chat with old ladies, I like to mail with you.
I am 71, sober now for 4 months.
Living in The Netherlands.