Fifth day sober starts in 3 hours

Already my day has turned into my crapptastic luck. First spectrum won’t tell me my bill date bc I had a brain fart and put all of my info in wrong in the call directory… then, bc my cell has a charging issue, I have to switch batteries from time to time, I put the dead battery in my phone… technology has forsaken me today. Breath in, exhale, “Beautiful Chaos” as my mom would say, but not sure how it fits, I’m just thinking it bc it makes me smile at the annoyances. :neutral_face::sleepy::tired_face:


Sorry for the fuckups Bessie. Happy you can still smile and even happier you’re sober. And have been for 4 full days! Keep going!


It’s been a rollercoaster ride, but thank you, :grin:

Day 4. Feeling super agitated and irritable. Everything in my life is going wrong and I can’t seem to do anything right. Trying to stay stong.

Your in a good place my friend if you can laugh off those annoyances in life .

I’m sorry you’re day isn’t going well. You got this tho, just laugh at any little thing you can :blush:

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