Fight the evils taking your life

It’s there. Staring at you. On your mind, on your lips, in your lungs, stomach, blood and soul. It’s draining your life. It takes everything you ever loved and spits it out like a piece of chum. It only wants to destroy you. Now it’s your turn. Look it right in the eyes and say “No, not this time. I will not believe your lies, your false promises. I will not let you take advantage of me. I will not let you into my life anymore. I will fight you, fight for who I love. Fight for myself. I will win. I will destroy you, this evil. I will fight, and I will win. For I am a warrior, and I will not let the likes of you destroy this fighting spirit”


Very nice.

I’m the type of person that doesn’t allow life and people to have control over me, and I always hated how alcohol and cigarettes did.

So glad to I made the decision to go to rehab and get the control back.


@Atticus880 Wow! This is so true and almost brought tears to my eyes…in a good way, pumped up ready to fight kinda way :blush:. Do u write poetry or something?

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Thank you. And no I don’t write. I just thought about the reason why I quit, and I wrote this. As if I was talking to the person who I hurt the most. She will never see it, and never know how strong I have become. But I will make her proud, regardless that she will never know. I’ll Keep fighting