Finally got through to him....... But as we all know, the real test is when they get out 😇

Hi everyone hope everyone is blessed and succeeding in their goals and sobriety or helping a loved one with sobriety. As you know I had the verbally abusive alcoholic husband, and after several grueling months he finally realized if he didn’t go in a rehab for 30 days with continuous treatment I would file for a divorce. Today I’m proud to say he’s starting the first day of his life he went into a rehab that I found for him that’s got high reviews in our Maryland state and I did much research to make sure the rehab fit him. I know as a recovering alcoholic that the real test is when you come out of rehab and have to adjust to a new world without your coping mechanism also known as alcohol, please pray that within the next 30 days of his release that he will continue treatment through this wonderful place I found and we will once again be the strong happy couple that we once were. I will continuously come to this site because the advice of all of you is what gave me the strength to set boundaries and stick to them and I will continue to do that even after he’s released :sparkling_heart:


Great news, I wish you the very best :heart:


Thanks so much😇