Finally made it past day 3

So I’ve been struggling to get over the “hump” and get past day 3 of using. I’m by no means on any pink cloud , but I did finally get past 3 days. On day 6 now. WD not too bad, still tired af and can’t fall asleep w o a ton of sleeping meds , but I am stoked , bc I just kept getting to day 3 and going back out. Yes, you do start ur Wd’s all over again. And feel Day one two and three . My addict mind kept telling me I won’t feel the wd’s as intense, but that was a lie I was telling myself haha but happy here to say . Over my hardest part.


So glad you did it! My mind told me SO, SO many lies to keep me drinking. Great effort to get
to six!


Well done. Just keep the momentum going. You are strong enough!:grinning:


How are you doing today?

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Good, well… sore but good. Sleep has been an issue , literally 2-4 hours , but yesterday went to the beach and went hard on the jet ski , endorphins and all, but my whole body is sore from it. It’s weird to feel actually FEEL pain and to be so tired and unmotivated. But I keep forcing myself to get up and do things, it sucks honestly, but I know it will get better. I can’t wait. Actually day 10 today took a long time to get just a short time of clean time . But I’m not going back . Bc I had the hardest time getting past that 3rd day for some reason, and I don’t want to do that dance again. They say you have a monkey on your back. I have a damn gorilla. But again , I’m embracing the pain and fatigue finally. I want to live a love life .

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Ha ha, loved your saying about the gorilla! :hugs:
I feel you, his weight will be lesser and lesser when your amound of sober days increase.
And when you have cravings, think back to the hard day 3. It helps! :facepunch: