Financially Stable

So I finally paid my credit card bill. Pretty hefty one. I can attribute a lot of it to alcohol. So when I see my balance at zero or close too it’ll be a awesome feeling of knowing that it’s not going to go up and up almost everyday from beer. I’ve been clean almost a whole month. I’m going to start having some money and able to have some left over at the end of the month for me. It’s a good feeling.


Wow, awesome, enjoy and reward yourself with your savings! actually I envy you, I won’t be in that position for a long time, partially due to my drinking. But I kinda made my peace with that.

I’ve been noticing how wonderful it is to have money to do things like put minutes on my phone, grocery shop, car maintenance. Just cutting back my budgeting has improved so much and I’m not willing to sacrifice my new lifestyle and nice things for my addiction.