Finding a sponsor is hard

I’m struggling to find a sponsor , I go to meetings everyday and it’s like nobody wants to sponsor people. I’m in a sober living house and there’s a few of us girls struggling to find sponsors. Sorry just venting. I also need sober friends. Since getting sober in September last year I have absolutely no sober friends. :frowning:


Here in Scotland there isnt a problem with sponsorship, but im sure if you try different meetings might help wish you well


I am sorry you feel this way and I hope ypu do not give up. Something I noticed about the meetings I went to is that they were mostly men (I didnt notice this until years in) and I think this was part of the challenge I had as well. Im not sure if there are any womens meetings around but you may give that a shot? Wishing you best of luck


How do you identify your higher power?

If you want to DM me, I’m happy to chat as a sober friend! I have no idea about getting sponsors though

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That would be awesome , I don’t really have friends that go to meetings or work the steps.

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I’m happy to chat. But I don’t do those things either yet :sweat: I tried a meeting this morning for the first time.

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A sponsor can be hard to find.
Rest assured when you do, it will be good

Sometimes it’s just timing

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Hey :slight_smile:

Don’t be too down that you haven’t found a sponsor yet. It’ll come naturally and you’ll probably be surprised at who it is you ask. I sought a sponsor in the same way I advise younger people in their apprenticeships - “Be very considerate to and with whom your trust your career and education”. Your higher power will put them on your path at the right time :slight_smile:

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