Finding connection

Lately we’ve been very successfully having talking sober zoom meetings. We have been sharing our experiences, strength and hope and some inappropriate jokes :wink:
I have enjoyed my time in the meetings a lot and those have become a regular scheduled event in my life.
I’ve noticed a few who have been wanting to join, but maybe didn’t feel comfortable joining a video meeting. I can understand that. I had huge anxiety in my first meeting. Talking to almost strangers on a video chat with a foreign language…anxiety through the roof…
I am also aware that there are many individual group chats going with different people in them.
Some in whatsapp…some somewhere else…
Anyhow. I use google hangouts with some sober friends.
Now I’m looking to stay even more connected to my sober community and meeting new sober people.
Which is why I opened a google hangouts chat with the topic Talking Sober…
If anyone is interested in joining this conversation you can do so with this link

See you all there. :slight_smile:


Great idea! :+1: Not sure if I can join because my schedule is a bit heavy now but this looks great & I’m sure it will be helpful.

I love this idea I’m rubbish with technology but I’m gonna try my best to get involved xxx

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Just click the link and see where it takes you… @Crazy_Dutchie will help you if nothing else works…he promised this to me in my dream :wink:


@Crazy_Dutchie can solve unsolvable coding mysteries, live on a diet of only ice cream and the occasional potato, and construct tiny homes made for lego people beyond their wildest dreams. He can do it all. We should put him through a series of challenges to find what he CAN’T do :joy: cartwheel? Yodel? Juggle? Tune in weekly folks.


I can find out the truth about area 51. I can find the lizard people. I can survive an encounter with a “Wild Karen”.:rofl:


Installed and joined. I think I did it right :sweat_smile: might be tricky keeping up with convos due to time difference but will see how it goes :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey! Thanks for this! :kiss:

This is a great idea especially when this site is down and someone needs immediate support.
I just joined. Now the challenge is trying to match up real names with TS names. Lol

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Cool that so many have already joined in…there’s 17 of us now…still plenty of room for more though…so everyone keep joining in…