Finding happiness

F hu this new job that I have is really making me miserable I’m not sure if it’s the right choice to leave or stay

What is it about the job that you don’t like??

It’s valet something I’ve never done before but I really do hate it was debating whether or not to call my boss today and tell him I don’t want to do it anymore.

Any suggestions?

Ahhh. That’s a bummer that you don’t like it. I would find something else first. Talk to your boss by all means. But in a notice kind of way. Who knows, maybe there is something else in the company you can do.

Just a few suggestions pal. You deserve to be happy of course:)

We’ll see how it goes I guess I appreciate the advice

I feel your pain. I like what I do, hate my boss…at the end of the day, i have bills to pay…