Finding life hard but still going

Only day 5 but its the furthest I’ve got since this latest addiction took hold. Cocaine has had hold of me this time for 3 years since my mum died. I have so many reasons to be clean and stay clean. I hate how hard it is right now especially when i haven’t enjoyed using for months.

*** One day at a time ***


Great job Sam. ODAAT. :+1::muscle:


Way to go on 5 days! I totally get how hard it is to get clean from that substance but one day at a time, the days add up :slight_smile:


I’m on day 5 too. Tomorrow is day 6. I’m finding it tough too.


Keep fighting. X


Keep going! I understand that feeling when something no longer brings any pleasure but the compulsion to keep doing it is strong still. That compulsion will fade!

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Keep up the great work!

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You got this, ONLY 5 days is a huge accomplishment. 🫶🏽

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Welcome to the community @Jjhobo

5 days is 5 days longer then continuing the cycle each and every moment.

The choice alone to decide to quit is incredibly difficult to make, and then to go seek help/attend meetings is even harder, and then to listen… Eventually begin to share is gigantic.

Many people don’t get to take these steps.

I celebrate this achievement with and for you @Sam77

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