First AA meeting in 2 years

Sober 2 years on 6/1
Today I went to my first AA meeting in about that much time. I went to 12 first step meetings in the first 2 months. I didn’t do it alone all this time, I was fortunate enough to have a very talented therapist working with me every week. We followed all of AAs philosophy and the 12 step program to the best of our ability and arguably most important each and every one of you cyber fellows. However due to cost and the fact that I was able to recover–i stopped seeing him about a year ago.

Met this woman, and she’s calling me on my shit which is all valid. I realized I’ve slipped up a bit with the moral and honest and calm way of life while still maintaining sobriety. In solidarity with her, but primarily to fulfill something I’ve been scared to do this entire time. Be open in a GROUP. It was absolutely hilarious. Awesome group of guys. Could be comedy show honestly. So milestones yay!!!

Side note, this woman is a little bitter and generally negative when discussing my ad-hoc way of achieving sobriety and having a spiritual re birth. Not huge issue, she’s strong as fuck and will address her own shit I’m sure.


Glad you enjoyed your group meeting , wish you well

Good on you for making it happen :muscle:

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Good for you buddy! Yeah working a program, following a process and being accountable in systematic ways, is super important. It helps us be honest with ourselves - build faith in ourselves - and discover the kind of person we are, when we’re sober. We’re a good person - we all can be - but we’ve been hiding it under drugs so long we don’t know what it feels like to be it.

Take care buddy and trust yourself and your program. Remember you’re doing it for you, and you’re accountable to the program, and when you work it, it works - and she’ll feel it in time. You can’t rush it and you can’t force it. Have faith :innocent:


Going with the flow. That’s what lead me to read those words that somehow popped into your head. I’m not running the show, thank God!

I appreciate the thoughtful response

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