First day here .. trying to leave my alcoholic past behind. Any advice would be better

First day… I hate alcohol… still I drink it. And I don’t know why…I hate my self


Because it does something for you. What does it do for you? How can you get that somewhere else?

Look up Gabor Mate. He explains it well.


We drink because we are alcoholics. I drank because I could not not drink.


You have come to an excellent site for help and resources on how to stop drinking.

One drink, one day at a time, you can quit. Get rid of all the alcohol. Get involved here and be accountable with what you are doing on the “Checking In To maintain Focus”

Love yourself, not hate yourself. Drinking is a crutch and once you are able to get away from it I would imagine that you will be very happy with yourself.

Welcome to Talking Sober.


If you are posting under the influence of drinking please go to Category box in left corner and scroll down till you see the Seeking Help category with a lock on it. It is an OPT IN thread where people in active use can post without triggering those who have stopped. Click on the blue round TS LOGO with people in it to find the menu…

Again, welcome. And please tell us a little about yourself.

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