First day of not drinking and starting over

Im back to try an stay motivated and recieve all the support i can get, ive been off and on with this app i honestly cant remember the last time i was sober for a long period of time, i have a lot of stress going on and it doesnt help me i know that sounds like an excise and maybe it could be, but either way i am just ready to seek change and do my best not to return back to this lifestyle, thanks for reading.


Welcome back and im glad ur here. Come reach out to us before u pick up :slight_smile: let us help u thru ur cravings and ur stress. This place has been a lifesaver for me many times. Hope it will be for u too


Stick around this time, this app is a big help in my sobriaty it can be in yours too!
But you have to put in the work yourself, we are going to applause on the sideline so to speak.
This would be a good read to start a day with;

It combines a lot of information and tips you found here on this app in one messages, it’s a good helpful read! :facepunch:


I doubt this is coincidence. Try and be here consistently, reading and replying. Even if it’s just an hour a day in 10 minute increments. The more you connect, the better chance you’ll have. Welcome back Beas