First day of sobriety"'

I’ve decided to get clean and get a grip on my life I’ve lost at least three jobs due to my addciton, and I’m sick of the bottle controlling me. The time to stop at least for me is now. So here’s to staying clean✌️


Thanks I appreciate it!!

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Great !! Keep that spirit alive during the course of your journey…Way to Go. We will be cheering you on :muscle:


Congratulations on your choice it’s not a easy one but an absolutely necessary one. I would encourage you to attend meetings and find a sponser. I was once one who thought A.A was a joke,but I can tell you my experience since deciding to get sober and give A.A a try has been life changing. I have 47 days today and I’m not the same person I once was. I owe that to A.A,my higher power,my sponser, and my hard work. I wish you the best with your recovery. It won’t be easy but it will be worth it.


It’s gonna get dark man ,but i promise you that it’ll get so much better after that :muscle:


Great decision! You can do it, but not without help. This forum has helped me a lot, so I’m glad you found it. What other help are you going to get?