First day of the rest of my life. By Chelsie faye

I’m very new to all this. I’ve been using heroin consistently for over a year now…not as long as some…but its become a problem since I blew through all me savings…I feel guilty I let it get this bad…yes my bills are paid…yea my kids have what they need…I could give them a much better life if I could just quit this shit…they need me too…I need me too…at the same time I’m really scared…I know the sickness only lasts a couple days…it scares me so much…its been…nearly 15 hours since I’ve used last…I’ve been taking these supplements and staying hydrated seems to be working so far. I’m just praying to God I don’t get super sick…that’s a big part of the reason why its so hard for me to quit.


Great job on 15 hours! And welcome!!
I just wanted to say that its okay to seek outside help. Medicaid and other insurance covers a lot of rehab or drug couseling… In hindsight I wish I had done that with my addiction because I tried my ass off but it still took me a long time before making any real headway… but every one is different. I am cheering for you!! You are making a great choice in being sober. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you very much. I’m going to try cold turkey. I know it isn’t impossible. I have a lot of support. And this is a excellent tool.


Though our vice was different, my older brother used to use heroin as well. 2 years after I moved back from Puerto Rico, my brother (who was still living there at the time) reaches out to me and told me he needed help. So, I told him to give me a month so that I can have him live with me. He tried entering a detox facility in the mean time to kick the habit but had such a bad rap with that program that they out right refused to help him. My father stepped in and picked him up and brought him over to live with him for those final 3 weeks. My brother is the most smartest, funniest, outgoing, charismatic man I know. He reached deep down within himself and found the strength to overcome his addiction. By God, he toughed that shit out and got through those first couple of days. At the end, I got his ticket and he came to live with me.

Fast forward to the present. He’s a very happy man with a beautiful wife who loves every fabric of his being. He works for himself at his own mechanic shop and he’s my best friend in the whole, wide world. He returned me the favor and supported me when I decided to turn myself into the Rehabilitation Center I went to. He picked me up when I completed it.

You can kick this habit. Focus. Maintain that same determination you have now and push through these next few days. You can do it! Have faith in Yourself! So that in the future, you can be there for your kids and future grandchildren!


Welcome Chelsie. I’m so happy you’ve made the decision to kick that addiction. Too many people are dying from that shit and we get a second chance at life. I had an opiod addiction and I was scared to give it up on my own so I give you a lot of credit. I ended up going to an outpatient detox for a week followed by IOP. The detox center was life changing for me. I still suffered withdrawal but not as bad as I would have on my own. Whatever you do don’t give up. I’m pulling for you.

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Welcome and God Bless.
I know in the long run you got to do this for you. But if you’re having trouble with that think about your kids. They can be a powerful drive for you to get you through this. Your worth a clean life and your kids are worth having a clean mom.
I’ll be praying for ya.
And this place has a lot of helpful friendly people that have gone through what you are going through.