First hour

I’ve recently realized that I have a substance abuse issue. It really doesn’t matter what substance so long as I have something to numb my pain and feelings. It’s been so long since I’ve been sober I’m not even sure what it feels like. All I know is I don’t want to use beer, weed, or pills anymore. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!


Hi. I have just joined. Binge drinking is my problem. I have been reading other peoples post. This has made me feel soo much better. I am trying to me mindful and not afraid of the new feeling, shame, regret ect.


Everyone has to start somewhere! That’s where the journey begins. I’m on day 7 and day one was insanity for me. I had to be around people that helped me keep from going to get a bottle and picking up. If I’ve made it a week you can to—and more!! :pray:t4:

Patience. Everyone comes about this in their own little way wven though we all have similar problems. It’s not easy, but anything worth doing never is.
The thing I learned the most in the process of a year and a half is that when I drank to cope it did nothing to resolve the treason I needed a drink. Life still happened and will continue to happen. A bottle of bourbon did nothing to help any issue. While it may have detracted attention, I still had to deal with the problem at some point.

Best of luck on your journey

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Binge drinking is my issue. I can see where people are coming from with the daily issues, that first week etc. I think for people like us though the first week or so is easy. I often went weeks without drinking. It’s the long term. I know in my mind in a month I’m going to have that SAME argument I’ve always had. “I’ve not had a drink for weeks, I really fancy a couple and watch the football, I’m OK now I just needed a break, I don’t really have a problem, I’ll just buy a small bottle of gin and have no more than three, I’ll drink slowly”. Cue going to the 24/7 shop at 7am for just another little bottle as what does it matter, it’s the weekend.

Focus on your fitness Bro it helps me alot even want to get back to thai boxing now I’ve not had a cig for nearly two days😎


Well done with the cigs, I’m one of those reformed smokers now, cigs stink when I walk past someone now smoking I’m like, how the hell did I ever enjoy that. Loving seeing the gains now from working out, chugging a protein shake easily beats a bottle of gin.

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Telling ya lad my fitness levels have improved just after two days it’s madness I know yeah try that pea protein it’s decent you know get no shit in it like most of the others gonna start having smoothie instead after every meal cause its all down to balance not just protein started my bible diet on Monday

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I heard good things about Soy protein powder too. At the minute I just use oats, peanut butter and a banana but might get some protein powder too. Love having a new focus though, bottle of gin tonight… hell no, it’s triceps day tomorrow, can’t lift properly hanging out your ass.

Fair enough am just not gonna take any protein powder or anything like that started going fishmongers and butchers every month now and fruit and veg store aswell so gonna do it all natural :muscle:fuck sake lad you giving up the sober life :joy: :joy: