First relapse and escape thought

My escape thought is “well I’ve been sober for over a month what’s one night and tm no more again”
I honestly don’t know
Why say I’m getting sober if I have a cheat drink or a drink to make a point I can do just social drinking

You are not alone! I’m literally in the middle of a debate of “fuck it why stay sober life has been good while drinking” I honestly want to believe that

I sort of had the same routine for 25 years. For me, it got progressively worse. Is a “cheat drink” really that important?


Just think back to why you wanted to stop in the first place.
All the horrible things that drinking has made you feel or do.
Stuff you should have written down in your toolbox for occasions just like this.
You can’t let your alcoholic brain tell you it’s alright, cus really you know it isn’t.


You cannot apply rationalization like that to being sober. I feel like if we could have just one drink and be in control, we wouldn’t be in the situations we are in. It is important to say no to that first drink always!

I once quit drinking for about 6 months and got the idea I could control it better since I had gone for so long. It didn’t take long for it to go back to being an issue, and here I am back again with a little over a month sober and no desire to go back!

Not to mention how you will feel after relapsing since you have already put a ton of work into your month!

It just isn’t worth it!

Good luck fighting this thing!