First time attempting full sobriety

Hello, I’m Blake. I’m 26 I’ve always had vices since I was young. First it was alcohol and chewing tobacco in 6th grade for years. Then around 20 I started smoking weed eventually it turned into a daily sometimes all day habit without noticing! I kicked the chew by picking up a vape and have done that for three years as well. Forgot to mention I completely quit alcohol as well. The feelings of chew and alcohol make me sick and I do not desire them even slightly. So I’m hoping quitting weed and the vape will result in the same! I’m ready to be free from it, I want to be more available to my family, I want to be clear headed and see what I truly feel and think without alternatives to suppress it! I figured this would help hold me accountable and also seek advice or even what sobriety has been like for you? Would love to hear other’s stories!


Welcome Blake! Great to have u here. Like urself, i have always had something in my life to fall back on. Began at age 15 up until age 37. I really didnt know how to cope without drugs in my life. Tried for 16 years (starting at about age 21) to get clean thru a variety of diff ways and finally discovered that i truly was able to live life without them and am now at day 331 clean and sober. This forum has been a HUGE source of support for me. My biggest piece of advice is really use the forum! Come on here before u pick up and let us help u thru it :slight_smile:


Clear headed…Yeah getting off of weed will certainly help with that. A good place to start is by remembering that marijuana is an addictive drug with both short and long term side effects. It doesn’t do anything positive for you and never did. Those who would tell you otherwise also fall into that same category…

Welcome @BlakeD glad ur here man, read my story! You’re not alone💛 you got this!