First Timer, no more denial

Hey all. I’ve tried to deny that I was an alcoholic simply because I haven’t been caught binge drinking in secret at home. I’m sick of it, and hate that I turn to it every time my wife goes shopping or any time she leaves the house. I have three kids too which makes this much worse, I get myself nice and merry and fool everyone as I hide my drink around the house. It’s been getting worse and I know where this is going. The sad part is I’ve been in denial for over two years now, and I say I’m not an alcoholic but clearly am. Just wanted to share this to make it official and I want to beat this before I loose everything I love. This is a great site and full of support, I want help but also want to help others. Thanks.


Hi pal and welcome. That was some great honesty there. Admitting that I was a real alcoholic is when everything changed for me. That was when I was truly able to surrender my fight with alcohol. Because is was a fight I was never gonna win.

Here’s a quick read that might answer some questions you have about yourself.


only an addict can help another addict. By putting some of your energy into helping other you find yourself installing all the things you already know and what you need to hear into your own mind. Remember to leave some time for yourself though bc you will always be numero uno. Have you told your family or is this the first step?

Firstly, welcome to the greatest forum on the Internet. Secondly, you feel proud that you’ve acknowledged your problem and want to address it. I’d recommend reading numerous threads in here. Plucking out advice that relates to you. Best of luck mate :+1:t2:

Welcome ,and happy you got that truth out there your very welcome in this community

Making it official is a great first step. What is going to be the next one? Going to meetings like AA or Recovery Dharma? An online course? My first attempt at an organised approach to sobriety I did Annie Grace 30 day give up alcohol experiment free online. There are videos and homework that u can do. A massive plus of getting sober is the lack of sneaking around, hiding cans, receipts, etc.

Thank you for being here. Your words so resonate in this alcoholic. Accepting that I truly was, was the piece that made it so much easier to face. We have only arrested our disease but once the thing between our ears gets some clarity is when we begin to heal. Welcome aboard.

Welcome! You should feel very proud that you are tackling this before it cost you too much. I hope your journey finds you much success.

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