Fist few days

Hey guys, my names not important but you can call me star, it’s been my first 2 days of quitting nic after starting 6 years ago, it’s rough, it’s ugly, I’m mildly agitated and my skins itchy, but I know I can do it, I see the success stories here and it helps, here’s for one more day sober


Good for you! You are definitely not alone, there’s lots of people here recovering from nicotine:

One step at a time. Welcome to Talking Sober!


Thanks for sharing Im a part time smoker but I hate how I feel after. This helps me want to quit. I just smoked one and i regret it.


Trust me man, it’s rough, I’m not even a week in and it’s annoying but, I know in the long run I’ll thank myself

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Thank you!!

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