Following my own advice!

So I haven’t been posting out here and reading posts as much as I usually do. I was away for about two days and started to realize I was in a dark place. I’ve noticed that I tend to be present out here when I’m feeling good, then when my mood is not so good I isolate myself. I didn’t go to a meeting or call my sponsor during that time either.

I’ve come to realize how important staying connected really is. I like to close my posts by saying ‘stay strong and stay connected’ because I always thought that was important. Then I went and did the exact opposite! I was grumpy, irritable, snappy…all those negative feelings were just hanging on and wouldn’t quit! So I came out here and read a few of my posts and thought - don’t be a hypocrite! Off to meetings I went and I came back out here as well.

I am amazed at the difference going to meetings and connecting with all of you has made. I did have some thoughts about drinking when I disconnected myself. I now know I have to walk the talk!!

Thank you all for being here and helping me on this sober journey. I truly believe without my Higher Power and all of you that I would not be sober today.

Stay strong and stay connected!! :wink:


Great post! I’m learning too how important being connected is. Thanks for sharing.

Stay strong and stay connected!:sunflower:

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Great post @Roga. Realizing when we are slipping back into old habits and character defects and then doing something about it is huge progress. When I stop taking care of myself and put everything and everyone else first, that’s a red flag for me. I absolutely need “me time” to recharge (take a longer shower, paint my toenails, read recovery books, meditating, maybe a nap) and then working on my needs (meetings, a nutritious meal, quiet time to work in the garden, working on an art project) all to keep me balanced. When I love and care for myself then I have love and happiness to give.

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Agreed. It’s easier to slip into those thoughts when you don’t stay connected. At the same time I completely get it. Sometimes I rebel a little and don’t want to post on here, ignore my sponsor’s texts, skip meetings, etc. It can be a chore sometimes, but so necessary.