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when everything feels like falling down just remember that you have to bring yourself up and you’re the only person that is there for your stove no one is really there like they say they are because your reality when tough times come there’s no one around you to help you bring you up but yourself and when you feel you’re at your lowest God knows he’s there for you so he brings you up and makes you stronger and stronger everyday so you won’t suffer any tough times alone but also remember that everything doesn’t come easy in life everyday is a struggle for everyone you’re not the only one struggling with your own demons there’s people out there that can’t even get up every day and have energy to motivate themselves because they’re the only people they have but life goes on and you continue to live. Don’t give up don’t give in and don’t let go but it’s been holding you on for so long even when things aren’t good just remember there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. all things come for those who wait but those who just sit around expect things to come but failed to realize that in order to get things going to have to go and get it. life’s of battle and you’re fighting it yourself always remember that. There’s not a day that goes by the is going to be easy cuz every day is going to be harder and harder everyday and also remember that life isn’t going to be easy. I do remember that God gives you the strength to push harder everyday and more to come life’s hard but you got to keep going no matter how hard it is. God put you on this Earth to strive and succeed and to find your purpose on to why you’re here so don’t give up keep pushing harder and harder everyday. I know one thing God is always by your side even when you feel he isn’t, things may not go good now tomorrow tonight the next day but in time you will notice everything will fall back into place and how you want it but you have to change everything you have to make that step to go forward in life you have to make everything right you have to make all the I can do that too I can do it. and if you ever feel like giving up look at yourself in the mirror and remember how far you’ve come from where you started.


Very well said. Thanks for posting.

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