For me personally

I try to be on here at least once a day. Most days more than that. Today I read a post that made me think. You see this Friday I will have 4 months free from alcohol and in that time I wish I could say that I didn’t have even a single urge to drink. I would be lying if I did. I have had that urge and more than once. I have found myself thinking about it and when I do my first thought isn’t to run away. It’s a picture of the “good ol days” and “how good that would taste going down.” When I get on here and read about people who are on day one, a week, hell, even a month and I’m reminded of reality. I think about things like, “Yes I’ve been there, I’ve felt that way.” or, “Shit, I know exactly how they feel.” This disease is cunning, baffling and very very powerful. It whispers to me. It tells me all sorts of pretty little lies packaged up like sweet promises and fun times. Hell, it tells me it can be different next time AND I START TO BELIEVE IT!!! Not today! It can’t have my hard work and my peace. It can’t have my family’s smiles that are finally on their faces when I’m around or the excitement of thinking about what the future looks like now. Today I am going to continue to live one day at a time. Even one minute at a time if I must. For decades I tried to bargain with alcohol. Thought that I could slow down or control it. Little did I know that it had me after my first drunk at 14 and it only allowed think those things long enough to insure there was no going back. We all know how deep that hole can get and how hard it is to climb out of. So hard some of us don’t make it. To each of you that are on day one. For those of us that are trying to hold on but our fingers are giving out, DON’T GIVE UP! You CAN do this. I can do this. That’s what I have to believe. I choose to live and no longer just exist. I am learning to love me and you will too. It takes a lifetime of trying to keep it and a mere moment to have it crash all around me but it’s up to me to decide which one I will have. Today I choose ME. I hope you can make the same choice. We are all worth it.


This is a good discipline to follow. I have been here every one of my 1247 days of successful sobriety. Sometimes I just read and like a few comments. Sometimes I reply and occasionally I post a topic. But I am here, daily.


Same here, TS is part of my morning routine and I read throughout the day as I have time.


It’s my daily start and my bedtime reading. I see it as if us meeting makers make it, TS is an added benefit!


I too am on here daily…
To me its important to remind myself why I stopped.
It wont be different.
Even if I just drink once time.
I will have bad sleep, it will throw off my next day. It might put me in a grumpy mood, or mess with my tummy. My skin might look dry and chapped, I’ll be lethargic.
Playing a game of one-day catch up… maybe wake up late, or just be too tired to get much done.

I’m at a point where I’ve had to play weeks and weeks of catch up every time I binge and make myself sick… You know what I mean Im done being at day one, Im done starting over. Im done you know its like restarting the game when your character dies, in the same spot, over and over and over!!!

Onward!! :racehorse:


I come here daily (except when I was suspended lol). I joined with around 100 days sober, I think today I have around 1275-1280 days. I have not drank or used since I joined. I doubt it’s a coincidence


I’m also a daily reader (save a stint or two when life got a little too hectic)!! Though I don’t post or reply quite as much as I probably should. Being on here daily has been instrumental to my sobriety, and I am most grateful to all of you showing the way :+1:t2::heart:


I’m here daily too. Sometimes multiple times throughout the day. My read time stats probably indicate I have an addiction. :sweat_smile: I’ll take a TS addiction over drugs and alcohol any day.


I just checked, I was here 940 days :grin: Better than I thought.
First year I was here every day of my recovery. Being here is a very big part of me being sober still. Today is my 959 day sober.
Congratulations with your almost 4 months! :tada:


Thank you, thank you for sharing this! This really spoke to me, the way you looked at it. When I have a hard time, I Will do what you have. :two_hearts::two_hearts:

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Well said :heart:

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I am so tired of allowing my addiction to win. This is only the third time in 27 years I have had over 100 days sober. I just don’t trust myself or this disease. I want to be free and stay that way. I just started reading all the pain and suffering that is caused by going back out and I couldn’t keep it in