Forgetting your problems

My day was going great but towards the end of the night it wasnt so great. I was super frustrated and on my drive home i passed by a liqour store. Normally that would be my go to but this time i just laughed as i drove past it. I laughed because this time around i KNEW for a fact it couldn’t make me feel any better. It was almost comical how i used to think things magically got better by drinking and forgetting. Drinking only dragged my problem out longer and added on to the pile of things i was “forgetting”. I don’t want to forget anymore.


Deep, beautiful, and spot on.


Yes, I too drank to “forget my problems”. The biggest problem was my problems refuse to forget me. They were right there waiting for me, and then I had to face them hungover. And the bonus? Most of my “problems” I was trying to “forget” were ones of my own making, and were generally directly related to alcohol. How muddle-headed is that?

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