Found today hard

I found today hard. Most of my friends own or work in pubs, which means sometimes I have to visit them. Today I sat with my friend when she was working behind the bar. I drank my diet coke but was just thinking how nice it would be to sit there and have one pint. I know it wouldn’t of just been the one and was grateful that I had to babysit my nephew in a few hours. Miss the taste and how it relaxes you. It’s the first moment I was really scared that I could so easily have caved in. It’s also made me feel really weak against this illness.


You didn’t give in and have a drink though? So that makes you strong not weak! What you are doing is romantising alcohol, don’t think about how good it might feel but that it’s poison that harms your mental and physical health, think of the hangovers, the guilt and the regrets! Summer is difficult because hot weather, bbq’s and pubs are synonymous with drinking. Keep strong!


Thank u. I think it’s hard because I haven’t told anyone as well. But I feel so guilty and hate the label.