Four days up hill

First time at Day 4. Harder and harder. So close to slipping but catching myself and staying strong. I can feel my body fighting to be who I was, and my mind fighting back to make me into something better. But there’s such a well worn groove for the old pattern, it’s hard. Really hard.

But I like who I will be so much better than the man who lived in that old groove.

Day 4 is in the books. On to 5.


Yeeeeahhhh!!! Well done! Most I’ve made is 6 weeks. It does get easier (thpugh not easy) especially after around week 2.

I read and feel your determination. When I am facing something tough, a physical or mental challenge, I think of other times where I faced “the toughest in my life”.

I remember a lot of things from my time in service. We had a unit combat readiness evaluation, and one event was particularly challenging. 50 mile road march, full combat load. 2 back to back 25 milers. One foot in front of the other. Mind focusing on other things, instead of the bleeding blisters, aching back and crushing weight. Toughest thing I’d done, I thought.

Then two years later. Crawling through the wire on the Saudi/Kuwaiti border. Red tracers going out. Green tracers coming in. My team’s job to breach a series of prepared obstacles. Trying to will away the fear. Toughest thing I’d done, I thought.

Quitting drinking. Something that’s dogged me for 20 years. Inspite of many attempts to maintain sobriety. Toughest thing I’ve done.

But this time it’s different. It’s not toughest. I remember doing tougher things. I can do this. We can do this. One foot in front of the other. Ingore the weight and pain, will away the fear. You got this!

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The first week is definitely the worst! Nearly there @Maddox. And the thing about your body and mind? Give it another week or two and it’ll flip! That’s when you have to start fighting your own brain! It really does get easier though - and the great thing is you never have to go through this shit again!

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