Friday Thread #2

I have a (welcome) quiet day at work, I’ll be done around noon. Then it’s time for a 2-hr massage.

Incorporating it as part of my lifting/running recovery program. Found a great masseuse who has a firm grasp on physiology and the nervous system. Knows his stuff. Great first session 2 weeks ago.

It’s pricey, but I’m framing it as an investment in my long-term health which is what my life is all about.


That. Sounds. Amazing.


Oh Friday.

Not a lot going on today. Gonna take Penny to the park in an hour, then figure out dinner for tonight. Also gonna try to fit in some drum practice! :smile:


Spring is teasing me…I’m enjoying the sunshine today but these 20 deg temps aren’t fun anymore! Especially after a warm up and most of the snow melting. So this Friday involves staying warm inside. No plans to go anywhere or do much, just the usual watch a movie or two and cuddle up.


My guy went to his first open mic in a loooooong time and got to jam on their drums last night. I imagine Thursday nights may involve me cheering him on in the future. I so hope he can get a group going again. Fingers crossed.


Right on! That sounds like fun! There used to be a few mopen mic nights in town but I guess the establishment owners find that they aren’t driving business and they go away. I wonder if there is an appetite for something like that, that is not in a bar/restaurant, like in social clubs or church?

I signed up to play drums for a gig in July. That will be fun, I think. Got a lot of practice tho, have to learn 10-15 songs and get em down tight. No pressure!


I was impressed by the description he gave of this open mic - everything on the table, poetry, open jams, groups and individuals, magic and so on. They had an opera singer perform! It’s a venue that has a bar, if that makes sense. Not entirely a bar setting.

Good luck, I’m sure you’ll do great. Practice practice practice!


I bet he had the best time ever! :grin::metal:

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Wow im soooo happy i dont have to worry about getting plastered, driving drunk, and the cops tonight!!

Hubby got the evening off from work so we’ll chill at home


I’m finishing a long shift at work tonight and I have zero plans for the weekend, which is my very favorite way to approach a weekend. Rest is deserved, I’ve been picking up lots of overtime but I might clean, I might read or craft and I might reach out to friends. What I won’t do is drink too much in the name of a nationality I don’t share and ruin my weekend with a rotten hangover. That is for certain.

I was just in the cafeteria at work and a guy said “it’s a good thing I quit drinking last year” to someone else and I badly wanted to exclaim “ME TOO!!!” Unfortunately my painful shyness only managed a little solidarity smile. Next time. Happy sober weekend to you my lovely peeps. Thanks for always helping me remember how much better the sober life is. :rainbow:


Well almost.