Fridays are risky

I got about 170 days sober and i make it to friday and when all my obligations are completed i feel really restless and think about going out and doing what i use to do what i do now is think of ways to positively end my fridays its kinda a struggle but im laying in bed and just really thankful im still clean and sober godbless


Good on you Josh. Coming here and sharing about yourself -in my experience- helps to ward off these feelings and thoughts of using. It’s just the addicted part of your brain trying to trick you into going back. In reality there is nothing good to be had there. I’m glad you’re here. Have a good night friend. Sober and clean.


Hi @Godbless
Building up new habits takes time. Try what feels good for you, maybe something you liked and didn’t do for a long time.
There’s a friday thread you might want to check out for inspiration and check in if you like :hugs:
You can also look for keywords in the search function, many people dealing with similar issues. You are not alone! ODAAT

PS: congratulation on 170 days :sunflower::notes::bouquet::birthday:


Thankyou! Sobriety is what im after