Friends and fam

Going on month 5 so that’s cool. Let me tell you though people are annoying me lol. When will they stop acting weird around me? I don’t need anymore so proud of you or acting differently like I’m an antique that will break lol I’m good! When’s the normal come back? I haven’t changed I just stopped drinking lol


It’s a good thing they try to be thoughtful of you and what’s happening right? I’m sure the normalcy will return. In the meanwhile big congrats on your sober time and welcome to the forum. Proud of you! (pun intended :clown_face:)

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It shows that they care about your well being, they just want to make sure you don’t relapse, it is a pain but just go with the flow


Switch it round a bit.

How often did they tell you they were proud of you when you was drinking or using?

Accept the love. Love yourself. What you’re doing is something to be very very proud of. I know you don’t want to feel different but we are.

Could be worse. They could not give a shit.


I understand this fully, and as others have said, sounds like they really love you. It’s okay to let them support you.