Friends drinking .... me taking care of me

So one of my besties is a breast cancer survivor and several months back invited me on the Komen walk in her city…at first it was just us, which was cool as we rarely see eachother (different states), good bonding time. Then it grew to another friend and survivor, then two other friends. So it became a big girls weekend. You can tell where this is going.

Then Hurricane Irma came and things got frantic and messy here, just now catching my breath and its been a long few weeks of stress. My friend (who knows I am not drinking) tells me she is really looking forward to a boozy get together all over town and all that (I didn’t mention to her maybe alcohol and cancer meds aren’t a great mix…but we have had that convo and her meds make her a blackout drunk at times…no judgement, just a fact). Anyway…my sobriety is pretty solid at 196 today, but a weekend with the girls, boozing it up…uh…no. So, I begged off letting her know I was still hurricane frazzled and physically drained.

I felt like the original intent…to support her cancer fight and do the walk in solidarity with all the fighting sisters was lost, so I did and do feel like I made the right choice for me, tho I feel shitty for not representing.

And yeah, yesterday was filled with FB post of shots and drinks and wine and then resting for the walk today.

I love these women, we have been thru so much together over the years (birth, death, cancer, divorce, marriage, grandkids, lots of happy fun times, all of life) and it was hard to not share in their enthusiasm and not be with them…today will be worse I am sure with walk pics and yet I am also grateful that I took care of me and my sobriety.

So instead we are treating ourselves (me and husband) to an overnight away with some beaching (if Maria doesn’t f up that), dinner, bicycling and maybe top it off with some Disney on our way home tomorrow.

Bitter sweet. Such is life…glad to be sober today.


Sober decisions sometimes are hard and tough, that was strong thinking. Have a great get away.

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I would have an internal struggle as well. Glad you decided to take care of you, though. That would have been a difficult situation to be in.

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