Friendship anyone?

Time for new beginnings calls for new friendships.


That it does, how is your Friday going so far?
Mine has been a struggle but one step at a time and I think I’ll make it through.

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I’ve been antsy all day honestly. Today I’ve been sober 3 yrs. Can’t believe it. Yes you got this!! You WILL make it through.


That’s incredible, 3 years! :+1: I’ve been reading a lot of peoples stories and I really think it’s giving me the will power to keep going with it. Just going to take it day by day

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One day at a time. Just be proud so far you’ve come.

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Hello I could use a healthy friendship. I’m a meth addict and chronic relapser. All the people I know are toxic for me. So I’m lonely and I sleep alot. But I’m slowly eliminating my triggers And I confront them now. I remain honest. When in relapse I reset my clock and own it. I’m tired of fighting sometimes. But I figure look at all the effort we put in to get high, what can’t I use that effort in recovery? I have to reprogram. I can do this. I’ve had the joy and peace of being clean before and I want that back.


Don’t know how to add people as friends on here. I’m new to this.

Don’t know how to add people

Hello how r you

yes! let’s mf detox :call_me_hand:t4::tada: feel free to message me !

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