From 8 days clean down to 1

Dont really have much to say but I wanted to check in :frowning: had 8 days 3 days ago and now its day 1 again. I’m going to keep at this. Try something different this time. Spent way too much money. What a waste. Not only have I disappointed myself I feel like ive disappointed u all too :frowning: I dont want to distance myself from this group. So I’m getting right back up and starting over.


Relapses like that are most common early on. If you pick up and try again, you’ll notice that the bigger the number gets on your counter, the less you will want to reset it.


You don’t need to distance yourself or apologize to us…we get it. Not many of us succeeded in 100% abstinence on our first try, I certainly did not.

Failure is not having a slip or a relapse, failure is when you no longer try to improve.

We can all learn from eachother’s experience, including our stumbles and our triumphs.

Glad you are back!!

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hey glad to see you back, don’t beat yourself up. I can’t count how many relapses I’ve had. To damn many lol, but the important thing is we learn more from them each time. One day at a time, the best thing is we can pick you back up, were not gonna put you down we understand:)


I am so glad your back. You are not alone. I was just reading someone else, I feel like I know, who is back at day one. This disease is the work of the devil. We don’t want to have to start over again. But I guess it happens. It’s great to see you have the courage to come back and try again. I mentioned in my last post I don’t know if I’d have the courage to come back on here or slink away in shame and hide. It’s great to see this is such a supportive community when we slip up or stumble. God bless you. Glad your back and working it again.


we just keep going at 126 days I thought I would never pick up again… Day 2 and here we are again.


Fall down six times, get up seven.

You got this.