Game and other addiction

Hello everybody.
I am really happy to find this Community. As my addiction is not the usual one, it was first a Chat in a Chatroom then changed in Work and now I stopped the Job and I thought I would do Something different and Pang… I let myself in a big Trouble. I started to trade (daily Transactions on the Stock Market) and it becomes an addiction. That was 6 years ago. In the Corona time I lost Money but I still continue. I did not go to any specialist, but I started to read some books about addiction. I realised that I have to stop .
I am now nearly 5 days sober and because my drug is a relating Internet drug , I try Not to be online as less as possible. I can not sleep at night ( max 5 hours) and I have migraine. My first Goal is 1 month… Thanks for Reading


Welcome to the community :raising_hand_woman:

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Thanks. My 2nd week.

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Congratulations 2 weeks is brilliant :fireworks:

Your doing really well.

There are people here also with the same addiction, I’m glad you found this community. We all support eachother for all of addictions.
Hope to see you around :hugs: