Getting on board

Digger here, got this app for the day tracker but after lurking in the forums a bit, felt I was definitely in the right place. Lot of good folks on here! Been sober for 32 days now. Last visit to doc showed I had a fatty liver. Scared me straight I guess you could say. Been drinking regularly for 40+ years. Beer has always been my drink of choice and was knocking back a lot more than I should have. An absolute miracle I’ve managed to avoid a DWI over the years! Tired of waking up with the sore head and sick stomach and being a total shithead to people I love. Feel better now than since I can’t remember when. Glad to be here!


Welcome! Seems like a lot of us accidentally find this forum after looking for an app tracker. What a wonderful accident :slight_smile: This forum is hands down the reason why I’ve been able to make it as far as I have. Best of luck to you!


Same. It’s like you told my story. I was a big beer drinker too and said shitty things to people I love. Congrats on 32 days and many more! :smile:

Hi @Digger and welcome! Glad to see you here and looking forward to share our jorneys.

Hey @Digger welcome! Yep, you found us. :grin: