Getting ready to face divorce

Not necessarily addiction related, but my addictions have played their part.
My wife and i have been doing a trial separation for the last 2 months and today in therapy she said she was ready to be done. I felt it coming. I expected it to happen today. This is going to be very amicable, there’s no deep anger toward each other.
Weve just hurt each other enough over the years and have looked up after trying so long realizing that though we are best buddies, we arent compatible living with each other and sharing that much of our life together.
It sucks. Its rough. Im crying over it. But i am content and secure in myself and proud of her for knowing when its time to end it.

I guess im writing this to juat put it out into the world and let reality sink in. I would love some love and support. As well as wisdom from those who have been through this as well.

Weed is my drug of choice and im only a week into my abstinence. I dont have cravings to numb myself in that way, but im sure that will come. Glad to have a community like this that i can turn to when the temptation creeps its ugly head.


Sometimes God has to make room for bigger and better things :blush:ya know. I pray everything goes smoothly for you. No matter what LOVE YOURSELF :relieved: and everything else will fall into place :slightly_smiling_face: you’ll see :muscle::100:

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Hey buddy. Sending all of my peace and comfort vibes your way. Praying for you and your wife as you heal and grow through this.


Sorry to hear about your pending divorce. Six months ago I ended an 18 year relationship with my partner. He had tried to get sober several times when I was still drinking and I wouldn’t admit I was an alcoholic. The tables turned. I got sober and he didn’t want to. We are still best buddies. He agreed that our relationship was not helping my sobriety. We parted ways.


That’s so tough, and it sounds like you’re handling it with so much grace. You’re already a week into recovery- that’s a big deal! Sending warm thoughts

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Good to hear the friendship can continue. This is what im hoping for. We are in the place where we need some space from each other, but i look forward to reconnecting with her as friends.

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Thank you. It ended up being harder than i thought to to not smoke weed. Still didnt, but being alone in the house really leaves rooms for slipping into a trip the dispensary.
I went to a concert instead

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