Getting Sober Again: Ground Zero

Hello, my name is Matt and I’m an alcoholic. I attained 97 days of sobriety back when I was 23 but relapsed when I found out my live in girlfriend was trying to cheat. I decided today that I’m going to get sober from the booze and drugs again and want to maintain permanent abstinence. Today is day 1 for me again and I know it won’t be easy but it’s better than the way I’ve been living. I just recently moved back to my hometown and there currently aren’t any meetings here so I would like to find some Zoom AA meetings. I’m glad to be back.


How is Day 1 going so far?


Great, thank you for asking!

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Hi Matt, and welcome to Talking Sober!

You are reaching out in a couple of important ways - posting here and seeking out meetings. For me, to get permanently sober I had to throw most of my time and energy into 1) not drinking between the time I got up in the morning and the time I went to bed at night and 2) finding ways to support and grow my sobriety. I had accountability enforced by the courts (I always had the choice to drink, but getting caught would mean immediate jail for months before trial), I took Antabuse, I went to individual counseling, I went to AA, and after some months went to an outpatient intensive (something like 4 hours a day, 3 days a week) program. I do not recommend getting arrested as a detox and rehab tool, but it worked for me.

There are some really great threads here that I like to recommend. This is a welcoming community, open to many experiences. Have a read around, and I hope you decide to stay!