Getting the fire back

I’m ashamed to say that in my darkest days of depression, drug use and alcoholism, I lost the very person that I used to be. I let people walk all over me and pretty much let someone bully me at work as I didn’t have the inner strength to stand up for myself, I felt defeated and broken. Since I started my journey into sobriety I’ve got that fire back that I used to have, if someone flings shit at me I now have the strength to fling it back 10 fold, any negativity shown towards me will be brushed aside because I’m starting to love myself again. Why do I get all emotional when I write this stuff? :joy:. Felt like sharing this because I never talk about this stuff with anyone. Thanks for listening you lot. I don’t say a hell of a lot on here but I like this place. Keep smashing those sober days :v:


That’s awesome. I love that about sobriety, we slowly get ourselves back, and sometimes even discover new things about ourselves. I think working the recovery process in itself changes us for the better too. I’ve had other people make comments about it being nice to see me back closer to the way I used to be before alcohol.


17 months into recovery and I STILL have times when I get all emotional when I realize how different I’ve become. Haha, I get emotional and that makes me emotional.

Don’t be ashamed of what happened when you were using, be proud that you are able to be the person you feel you should be now. Let that be yet another reason you will never be that other person ever again.


Sorry got to soundtrack this :grin:

What’s done is done, going forward you know what not to do

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