Getting the vivitrol shot today

Today’s the big day for me …finally getting the shot … I was supposed to get the shot while I was in treatment,but I ended up assaulting
a staff member n got thrown out…ive been home 9 days now n didn’t use on once

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How did you get on today?

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Nope…i popped for fetty even tho I haven’t used since 8-27 …so basically next Monday I try again…
As long as there’s no fetty in my urine sample

Not bad or good really…I still got fetty n most likely xylazine still in my system n since they can’t detect xylazine in urinetests …I basically failed

Fetty n xylazine still in my system…I literally haven’t taken any Opiates in like 13 day n still kicking

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So I popped for fetty n the test they have can’t identify xylazine …most likely i have both in my system not just fetty…j