Getting through today

Another day and I’m not drunk or high. Busy day so didn’t think about any substance or have cravings. But I’ve been eating too much shite food which is annoying because I usually eat good healthy food. Got a potential drug test coming up so more motivation to stay off the weed. Just hope it’s after it’s out my system, I didn’t smoke much but I guess 4 weeks is the amount of time it takes to not have it in my system. Plus it’s dry July here in nz, more motivation. One day at a time…


Totally relate to the shite food intake. I remember when I first quit drinking I ate so much chocolate and crappy food. But I figured that it was waaaay better than picking up that first drink… after a couple months I decided to tackle my ‘diet’ - made sure I drank lots of water, stocked up on my favourite sparkling mineral waters and healthier snacks so they were more easily on hand.
But still kept my chocolate for night time lol. I’m now 3 years sober and still keep chocolate on hand at night, its my treat and I refuse to deny myself of this one guilty pleasure hahaha.
One Day At A Time, great work on ticking off another clean and sober day :star2: