Getting to know y'all

These are fun…

Favorite smell - fabric softener
:black_small_square:First job - lifeguard
:black_small_square:Current job - mom and wife (maid and slave, lol)
:black_small_square:Dream job- chef
:black_small_square:Favorite Band - daughtry
:black_small_square:Astrological Sign - Leo and don’t care
:black_small_square:Favorite pizza - mushroom
:black_small_square:Birthday - August 8
:black_small_square:Favorite foot attire - slippers
:black_small_square:Roller Coaster - yeah baby
:black_small_square:Favorite Candy- black licorice and dark chocolate
:black_small_square:Favorite ice cream- peanut butter swirl
:black_small_square:Pet Peeves - people who drive slow, people who stare
:black_small_square:What are you listening to? Don’t care hubby watching some dumb western
:black_small_square:Color of eyes - blue
:black_small_square:Favorite Holiday -Christmas
:black_small_square:Morning person - yes
:black_small_square:Favorite day of the week?- Monday because the school bus picks up my little prisoner :stuck_out_tongue:
:black_small_square:Tattoos - nope
:black_small_square:Like cooking- yes
:black_small_square:Beer or wine or neither- ABSOLUTELY NOT! Recovering alcholic 7 months
:black_small_square:Can you drive a manual transmission? No
:black_small_square:Do you like vegetables? Yes especially zucchini
:black_small_square:Do you wear glasses? Yes, bifocals
:black_small_square:Favorite season -fall


It’s up to you (of course), but as this forum is public, you may want to delete the year you were born. :woman_shrugging:t3:


Favorite smell - tanning supplies(ik)
:First job - babysitting
:Current job - teacher
:Dream job- holistic physician
:Favorite Band - so many
:Astrological Sign - cancer
Favorite pizza - mushroom, black olives; ham
::Favorite foot attire - sneakers
:Roller Coaster - I wish( motion sickness :nauseated_face:)
::Favorite Candy- hazelnut m&m
::Favorite ice cream- coffee
:Pet Peeves everything atm
:What are you listening to? Silence
:Color of eyes - green
: Holiday Halloween
: person - yes
::Favorite day of the week Saturday
:Tattoos - yes
:Like cooking- not particularly
::Beer or wine or neither- working on neither
::Can you drive a manual transmission? Only in a pinch
::Do you like vegetables? Yes love em
::Do you wear glasses? No
::Favorite season -fall

Favorite smell - wet woods after rain
:black_small_square:First job - carpenter
:black_small_square:Current job - tattoo artist
:black_small_square:Dream job- on it
:black_small_square:Favorite Band - fields of the nephilim
:black_small_square:Astrological Sign - Leo
:black_small_square:Favorite pizza - any,love pizza
:black_small_square:Favorite foot attire - combat boots
:black_small_square:Roller Coaster - not my thing
:black_small_square:Favorite Candy- not much of a sweet’s fan
:black_small_square:Favorite ice cream- vanilla
:black_small_square:Pet Peeves - people
:black_small_square:What are you listening to?some cyberpunk mix
:black_small_square:Color of eyes - brown
:black_small_square:Favorite Holiday - no one in particular, to be holiday is good enough
:black_small_square:Morning person - depends of the mood
:black_small_square:Favorite day of the week? Friday ofc
:black_small_square:Tattoos - yes
:black_small_square:Like cooking- yes
:black_small_square:Beer or wine or neither- water
:black_small_square:Can you drive a manual transmission? Yes
:black_small_square:Do you like vegetables? Yes
:black_small_square:Do you wear glasses? Yes
:black_small_square:Favorite season - autumn

Favorite smell - Vanilla Bean
First job - Dishwasher at MCL
Current job - Sales and Marketing
Dream job- Musician or Personal Trainer
Favorite Band - Metallica
Astrological Sign - Pisces
Favorite pizza - Deluxe (with pineapple!)
Favorite foot attire - Any shoe I can slip on/off without tying.
Roller Coaster - Not a huge fan, but I’ll ride them.
Favorite Candy- Resse Cups
Favorite ice cream - Butter pecan
Pet Peeves - Open cabinets, empty toilet paper rolls
What are you listening to? One Life One Chance podcast
Color of eyes - blue
Favorite Holiday -Halloween
Morning person - Yep
Favorite day of the week?- Friday
Tattoos - Yep. 11 or 12…
Like cooking- Yep
Beer or wine or neither - Well, neither.
Can you drive a manual transmission? Yes
Do you like vegetables? Yes.
Do you wear glasses? No.
Favorite season - Summer

Favorite smell - my Granddaughters after their bath
:black_small_square:First job - running errands for the elderly in our neighborhood
:black_small_square:Current job - disabled
:black_small_square:Dream job- not being disabled
:black_small_square:Favorite Band - AC/DC
:black_small_square:Astrological Sign - Libra
:black_small_square:Favorite pizza - white pizza (I’m allergic to tomato sauce)
:black_small_square:Birthday - 10/20
:black_small_square:Favorite foot attire - slippers
:black_small_square:Roller Coaster - when I was younger I loved them
:black_small_square:Favorite Candy- anything with caramel
:black_small_square:Favorite ice cream- caramel vanilla gelato
:black_small_square:Pet Peeves - helicopter parents
:black_small_square:What are you listening re-watching a Hogan’s Heros marathon
:black_small_square:Color of eyes - brown
:black_small_square:Favorite Holiday -any of them as.long as my Granddaughters are there!
:black_small_square:Morning person - night owl
:black_small_square:Favorite day of the week?- Friday, it is the start of the weekend with my husband
:black_small_square:Tattoos - 3
:black_small_square:Like cooking- yes
:black_small_square:Beer or wine-not anymore! I am sober and loving it!
:black_small_square:Can you drive a manual transmission? Yes
:black_small_square:Do you like vegetables? Yes except okra
:black_small_square:Do you wear glasses? Yes, bifocals
:black_small_square:Favorite season -fall

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