Getting to the gym with severe exhaustion

I’m on day 4 of alcohol abstinence and I’m starting to get really tired and dizzy. About a month ago, I signed up to a gym and went a few days a week and was planning on going today but I dont know if I can handle it!
Every time I move I feel dizzy and I just want to crawl into bed :pensive:
Any advice on how to combat this or should I just take it easy until I’m feeling better??
TYIA :grin:

Are you eating properly? how is your blood pressure? are you on some medication? how are you sleeping? etc etc.

As long as you don’t drink then you have won the day

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I eat really well, honestly. Salads and lean protein and veggies…TONS of water. No medication whatsoever. Don’t know about my bp but I do normally run on the lower side.

Take it easy until you feel better. Your body is going through a withdrawal & reset. Depending on how much/often you drank, you could be chronically dehydrated. Your blood sugar may be out of whack, and you are likely vitamin B12 deficient.

My advice is to put the gym off for about 10 days. Take a multi-vitamin and hydrate. Get lots of sleep, eat good food, and when you get the inevitable craving for sweets, indulge it a bit, but don’t over do it. Soon you will feel better than “normal drinking you”. That’s the time to get back in shape. Heal first. Train later.


Going to the gym is a good thing! Drink a nice protein shake before and after should help!

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And you got your carbs from drinking, but now you don’t. Likely low blood-sugar. Eat a baked potato with olive oil or Ghee. You will feel better.

Well… Ive been a heavy drinker since I was about 15 and I’m 37. I did quit for 3 separate pregnancies…but for all those years it was just about every day. Ranging from 2 bottles of wine and 3-4 beers to a couple of drinks. :scream: the more I say it, the worse it sounds!

I mean, I do have carbs. I’m overweight but my husband believes is mainly the booze. Which I sort of agree with because most days I would wake up hating food and eating only small amounts because I’ve messed up my stomach so much :pensive:

Or a banana!


You need to eat properly in order to lose weight. Sure the booze is a lot of calories, cutting it off will help lose a lot of weight but you need good nutrition to succeed.
Having a balance diet with lean protein, veggies and clean carbs will help.

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I went to the gym when i first got sober but i also did plenty of walking and diet is important aswell my wife calls me the monkey i eat loads of bananas and protein drinks are good aswell wish you well

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