Give me advice

Hello my name amber. I’m 32 and I’m am in recovery. I have 6 months and 2 days clean. I’m still in a program and I’m just having some issues. My ex boyfriend in prison and I just got into a relationship sense January and like me and my boyfriend be talking everyday until now he don’t talk to me as much. He said he talk to me Tuesday. I’m over here crying and stressing and don’t know what wrong with me. I hate being alone. My ex boyfriend still calls me from prison I just don’t want to get back with him. So sense I got this new boyfriend and my ex knows I’m with somebody. I got all these feelings don’t know if I’m tripping or what. New boyfriend thinks I’m crazy and he says he works slot and he just hangs up on me. I cut one of my friends out. I delete Facebook and messenger. Am I crazy or what’s wrong with me.

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Thank you so much

Love can be an addiction too. Don’t let loneliness make you keep bad company. I hope you feel better. You’re doing great on your recovery journey.


6 months!!! Hell yeah! I’d say focus on leveling up, not down. Trust your gut and heart. It usually knows better. Peace and love.

Try working on being comfortable with yourself before you jump in to any more relationships.