Giving this another try

This is the second time I’ve joined this app. The first time went well for a few weeks. I put together a whopping 19 days off sobriety before falling off and not not coming back for about 2 years. Alcohol is such a demon. I look forward to connecting with you all here and hope to maintain better discipline this time. When you’re getting most of your daily calories from alcohol, it’s probably time to change some things. I’ve never been able to do this alone. :unamused:


Alcohol is a demon and our hearts and bodies deserve better. Along with our wonderful families. Welcome back! :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

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Welcome back . I understand the struggle of trying to quit and then starting all over again. I think alot of us in here are the same . Addiction really does take our lifes away . This app has been my life saver over the past few months. Just connecting with people who understand what we go through is so much better then doing it alone. Good luck and keep reaching out x


I’m glad you’re back! I’ve fallen off the wagon a few times, it actually is harder each time but it’s definitely worth it.