Glad to be in recovery

l Just wanted to hop on here sec and brag on how greatful I am to have come this far. I never dreamed I would be Sober for 30 days​:love_you_gesture:let me just say that Shit has already been so much diff. I have gotten so much done been so productive I feel like im a person again I can’t wait to see where my journey takes me next!:kissing_heart:


Congratulations on your 30 days Kisha
Brag away. It’s a beautiful thing.


Well congratulations on 30 days

Am been sober three days b 90 days


Congratulations on your thirty days @Kisha_blocker
And to you @Anonymouse78 on your 90!

It’s not bragging! It’s showing that it can be done.
Hope to see you back next month to “brag” about the 2 months milestone! Deal? :wink:

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@Kisha_blocker thats amazing! Way to go! :star2::star2::star2:

Way to go!!! You’ve every right to be so proud, its such a great achievement!