Going on a trip

Searching for guidance! I’m going on a trip in two weeks with friends who still drink. They don’t know I’m sober yet. Wondering the right way to tell them… also need advice on how to remain sober during the trip as I’m sure there will be time spent out at bars and clubs.


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You don’t seem confident about that, therefore I’m not sure if this is such a good idea. If you want it to work, you got to tell them first. They’re your friends after all. And then build a very strong attitude because it won’t be easy.
Just don’t take that first drink. Skip the bars and clubs if you don’t feel secure.

I did the same trip a few weeks ago. It wasn’t easy at first, then better as the days went by.
Have you been around drinking people since you became sober ?

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Do you really need to go on the trip?
Early in sobriety its really important to protect your sobriety by not putting yourself in situations you’re not quite ready to deal with…

That said if you do go, have an action plan of what youll do or say if drink is offered, make a decision beforehand itll be a sober trip and choose something tasty to drink thats AF, make sure at least 1 person knows you’re sober and dont plan on drinking, and leave if you feel compromised!


Don’t go. It’s a very simple solution if you’re willing to do it.

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So here’s the thing, if your friends are going to be going to bars and partying, you’re not gonna have a good time. If you’re not having a good time, your friends aren’t gonna have a good time and you all just created a suck loop paradox.

So what can you do?

You can bail and stay home. This is the best way to protect your sobriety.

However, sometimes it hurts your wallet too much to cancel a trip, so, now what?

Be honest, be firm. Tell them now, hey guys, just to let you know, I’m not drinking so I may need to hang back and do my own thing while you do your thing. At least giving them a heads up can lessen the shock, or dismay, or whatever they may feel. And I would bet they will support you, good friends always do!

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