Gone Since December But Tomorrow Marks 1 Week

Hi Everyone,

Tomorrow marks one week sober after being done since December when I started drinking after 4 months sober. I haven’t drank in a week simply due to the fact that I’m on Keflex due to an infection from an ear piercing. Tomorrow is one week sober but my first day without the medication.

I want to let everyone know that since I’ve been gone, I’ve missed everyone dearly and have been reading all the wonderful messages of encouragement that I’ve gotten.

I want to go again since not drinking just genuinely makes me feel better. I don’t have the same mindset I did befor but let’s see how it goes.


You did kick ass the first time and you can do it again. Welcome back.


I’ve missed ya! Time to kick aas and take names again. I’ve had a slip up too and now I’m 24 days in. The thing is you CAN do this! If you slip, try and try again. You know we’re rooting for ya and we ALL have your back! So welcome back!

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It’s great to see you back here, and back on the wagon! You kicked ass before, and you still kick ass now. Stay with it!!

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